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22nd of June, 1535, Kings

ours you will take them o■ff never to put them on again'—'Exactly so■,' answered Fisher; 'this is my wedding-da■y, and I ought to dress as if f

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or a holida■y.'[129] =FISHER'S CHRISTIAN DEATH.= ●At nine o'clock the lieutenant appea●red. The old man took up his New Te■stament, made the sign of the cross, an

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d ■left the cell. He was tall, being six feet■ high, but his body was bent with● age, and his weakness so great that he co●uld hardly get down the s

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tairs. He was plac■ed in an arm-chair. When the porters● stopped near the gate of the Tower to know if■ the sheriffs were ready, Fisher sto●



od up, and leaning against the wall ope●ned his Testament, and lifting his eyes to heave■n, he said: 'O Lord! I open it for the last ti■me. Grant that I may find some word of com●fort to the end that I may glor

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ify thee in ■my last hour.' The first word■s he saw


were these: And this is life eterna■l, that they migh

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t know thee the only true G●od, and Jesus Christ whom


th●ou hast sent.[130] Fisher closed the book and sa/p>

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鰅d: 'That will do. Here is learning enough to la■st

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me to my life's end.'[131] {67} The fun●eral proce


ssion was set in moti■on. Clouds hid the face of t■h

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e sun; the day was gloomy; t■he streets through which

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●g. 'I most humbly thank his Majes■ty,' said the o
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